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Private Forex Trader  from Europe says,

"Joseph has done an excellent job of really providing a clear step by step plan for trading. I can easily follow the schedule and stick to the rules and by the end of the week… I have earned a profit from my trading. I think anyone can do this!"
Live Forex Chat Room With Live Trade Calls Since 2007!
Over 8,000 Forex traders have used these strategies to make money.
I will call out trades in the chat room and you can learn my 
trading system to day trade!
"If You Are A "Hands-On Trader"This Is For You... I Will PERSONALLY Call Out Trades In The Chat Room And I Will Also Teach You My Trading System!"
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Coaching  performance update-July 5th 2019.  220 pips so far this morning! (NFP)

Watch me and my students earn 353 pips in one day
(one student earned over $14,000) 

October 26, Earned 200 pips with my student!
I guarantee that if you qualify for my coaching, I will help you earn $5,000, $10,000 or more per month from day trading Forex.*
What Are Some Of My Coaching Students Saying...

Thanks very much for the follow up

Hi Joseph,
Thanks very much for the follow up.
Makes me very confident I made the right choice for you to help me finally learn this forex trading the correct/best way for me.
Chatroom is very good/awesome!.
I am pretty green compared to most probably in the chatroom,
so sorry if I got a few more questions than most,
but I guess that's why I am having you help me. Lol??
I as you probably know am on the East coast and work full time (work is pretty flexible though),
so have been in chatroom from 5/5:30-10/11:00am.
I just want to get to a point where I dont have to rely on the chatroom/and copier for trades...
even though I plan to use them all, I want to learn this as best I can.
When you go off air I am going through the training modules as much as I can.
A lot to cover. Wow!
As for performance this week I was up about 370 pips
(some trades with scaling out so was not with full originals Trade lot amount).  

I appreciate you checking in with me

Dear Joseph,
I appreciate you checking in with me.
I think that's the mark of a good mentor, to see how well the program is working and you said that if 
there is anything I'm not comfortable with or might need changing, that you will do what it takes to help me.
I can't thank you enough for this opportunity. Your guidance this week has prevented me from making some of the 
mistakes that I normally make. The mistakes that always cost me money. I closed this week with over 329 pips on 
my one standard lot! 
I know that there could be losses in the future, that's what happens when you trade but you haven't called out 
any losing trades yet and I hope that one day I can trade like you on my own.
I have no complaints about the personal coaching sessions either. You obviously have a lot of experience helping people 
through their problems and I am grateful for the time you have taken to listen to me and help me.
thank you Joseph and I hope to be a life long member of your chat room.
As for performance this week I was up about 370 pips
(some trades with scaling out so was not with full originals Trade lot amount).  
Why My "Forex Chat Room" Is:
The Closest Thing To FREE
Money That You'll Ever See!
If You Get Accepted To My Coaching, this is how it will work:

First We Will Get On The Phone,
and review how you are currently trading

  • What Are Your Daily Goals & How Much Are You Making? - If Your Not Reaching Your Goals, I Can Change That In One Week
  • What Type Of Trading System Are You Using Now? - Sometimes It Just Takes A Couple Of Simple Changes And Someone Who Knows What They Are Doing, And That Can Make All The Difference For You
  • Are You Using The Right Trading Techniques For Specific Market Conditions?... Or Are You Using The Same Methods That Don't Work And Expecting Different Results?
  • What Are You Doing On "Bad" Trading Days? - Do You Have A Way Of Recovering Your Losses Right Away?
    (I Can Help You Fix That Now)
  • What Are You Doing To Ensure Future Growth? - Do you have an exit plan for future growth and how will you continue to generate profits when you decide to retire? (I can show you how I have structured my business so it will continue long after I stop trading)
  • Have you lost a lot of money trading Stocks or Forex? - If you have... this coaching course will help you earn back all of those losses (this is your recovery plan)
  • Are you approaching retirement age and don't have the capital you need to live off of and still see growth in your future? - I have personally helped retired individuals become full-time day traders earning more than they ever did in their "regular" job. This coaching class will provide you with a structured outline and detailed plan for your new trading business and how to handle your future so you can pass it onto your family
  • Are you making good money in the corporate world but you want to make it on your own replacing your current level of income and have more free time? - if you find yourself wishing for more money and still have more free time to enjoy it with your family, this coaching class will generate the results you need to trade less and still make more money than you ever have before from your trading
  • Is your dream to become a full-time day trader and make $10,000, $20,000 or $30,000 per month? - Not only is earning this amount of money possible, I personally coach my students who have earned over $14,000 (one student recently) and others earning $5,000 to $10,000 almost every day consistently*. With my proven and tested system, you will generate profits every single month and the structure is precise and easy to understand so you can't deviate from the plan
Once we have established your goals and have the
"raw" materials in place, we will focus on 3 things...


We will create a proven trading system based on your trading goals and implement it right away to start putting money into your trading account now (this will help you earn thousands of dollars right away in your first few weeks)


We will have you trading with less stress, less fear and you will have the confidence it takes to always close each week with hundreds of pips in your trading account... (Finally you can live off of your trading efforts and this will happen in the first week)


You and I will add as many pips as possible to your "live" trading account in 30 days! (we're talking 1000, 2000, 3000 pips and up in 30 days)

And it's really that simple...

If you're trading system doesn't work now... you can't make money

If you can't make money... you can't trade for a living!

If you don't have my coaching, what do you have?
But If You Get Everything In Place... the right way then you will see big profits consistently and you will reach your goals fast!

For example, let me quickly show you some results my coaching students get in the first 30 days...

How Fast You Can Scale Your Trading Account...
When Everything Is Working "Right"
Below are the results that I've achieved with some of my one on one coaching students in 30 days!...

You could literally be a few weeks away from doubling or even tripling your trading account

Student #1 had $47,000. capital when he starting trading with me on day one. In the first 30 days, he earned 1,491 pips and this resulted in $13,389.18 in real cash profits! (28% return on his first month out)

Student #2 started with $18,900 in capital when he started trading with me and in his first month, he earned 3,459 pips and earned a profit of $6,295.38 in real cash profits!! (33% return on his first month out)

Student #3 started his very first day earning over $2000 in his live account on three trades using what me and my students call... "The Easiest Forex Day Trading Technique Ever". I spent about 30 minutes on skype talking to him, teaching him and setting up his first simple trading plan and he was off and running and earned $27,792.84 in the first 30 days (He actually earned these profits before his first full day of joining me in my coaching class)

But the second month is where it gets really exciting because in all of these examples, each student left the profits in their trading account to experience even Bigger Profits. (some students will take out their profits monthly and others have the ability to leave profits in, either way, it's all up to you and your goals)
The reality is that "We Will Make This Happen For You".

Please understand that this One-on-One coaching program is only for those who have full time to trade with me on a daily basis. You will be trading hands on with me each day and together you and I will be executing the same trades at the same time. You will be in constant contact with me through several communication tools such as Skype, Telephone, from Monday to Friday. You have to be 100 percent ready to trade with me from the first day out and you will earn as many pips as I do.

You Could Literally Be Just A Few Steps Away From DOUBLING, TRIPLING, or even QUADRUPLING your monthly profits... but do you know which steps?
I can show you the inside of my
trading business...

My Personal results using this system:

Back in 2001 and all through 2002, I was working on a particular trading strategy. It was one that was giving me the most trouble and I experienced the biggest amount of loss which is the concept of trying to trade breakouts.
It's often been said that support resistance is subjective and everyone can see different levels and different areas. And then, of course, there are the people that talk about specific buying and selling levels and only using price action, and while all of that works, you need to create some kind of strategy with a structure that you can duplicate every single time you get the same results.

That was my primary objective. I kept telling myself that I needed to develop a system so that I could use the same profit targets and stop loss levels every time I executed this particular trade.

Long story short, I successfully developed a method for trading breakouts that is accurate 90 to 95% of the time. I use this specific trading technique on a one-hour time frame for day trading but it can be used on the four hour and daily charts for swing trading as well.

This particular trading technique is so accurate that I used it successfully all through 2002 leading up to 2005 which was a point in time on one particular morning that I stopped to reflect on my success as a trader.

On April 12, 2005 I had four trades early in the morning, (Pacific time, I'm in California) and shortly after economic data at 8:30 AM Eastern time all four of these trades reached their profit targets (according to the plan they are always the same take profit levels) and I earned $40,755.08 in my real live account.

A few minutes after closing these trades I stopped and looked at the total balance as a result of these four trades. I had certainly made more money in a single day prior to that day and I definitely make a lot more than that since then but I realize that my skill as a trader could never be taken away from me.

That was the moment when I realized I would be able to take care of my family indefinitely just the way I always dreamed. Not only that, it was a business that I was able to hand over to my children.

This to me was true wealth!

The strategy is very simple. There was no stress involved and I was never afraid at any time while having these positions open. I simply duplicate the same thing over and over again whenever I see the same set up even today.

For all of my coaching students who learn this trading lesson, this is the one that can literally make them millions of dollars every year.

(the screenshot below is my account balance on that particular day when I earned over $40,000 in just a few hours)

12 Years of Perfect Coaching Results

My trading system has generated me and my students the following performance results below:

  • 2019:  Total Pips 17,547 so far as of the end middle of August (updated monthly)
  • 2018:  Total Pips 25,110
  • 2017: Total Pips 27,841
  • 2016: Total Pips 31,784
  • 2015: Total Pips 35,795
  • 2014: Total Pips 27,771
  • 2013: Total Pips 29,370
  • 2012: Total Pips 17,442
  • 2011: Total Pips 9,599
  • 2010: Total Pips 7,452
  • 2009: Total Pips 9,941
  • 2008: Total Pips 11,431
  • 2007: Total Pips 10,441
A Few Words of Warning!

This One-on-One coaching program is for an individual who is "determined as hell" to succeed as a full-time Forex day trader and won't let anything stand in the way!

I can't work with anyone who isn't ready to make this life-changing decision because I will be trading with you personally every day and you will need to keep up with me. 

I can't afford to risk my families financial stability and my reputation on someone who might change their mind halfway through this process.

And if you don't have two nickels to "rub together" without sufficient trading capital then please do not apply. (I am sorry and I hope that one day you have the capital that you need to make really big money as a trader)

I'm looking for people who are at this moment... ready both emotionally and financially because this is a life-changing commitment.

This decision could literally make you millions of dollars over the next few years as it has for me.

First Thing to Remember

I don't accept or deal with "tire kickers", people who are just "curious", people who lack personal discipline and people who can't follow instructions... or anyone who's not serious or willing to put their money where their mouth is. PLEASE UNDERSTAND THAT IT TAKES MONEY TO JOIN MY COACHING PROGRAM. MY ONE ON ONE COACHING MASTERMIND GROUP IS EXPENSIVE. But...I know you'll make a lot more money than you ever have trading, PLEASE don't think this is free... or even cheap!

Second Thing to Remember

Experience trumps all. I have invested over 78,000 hours into my trading career and I'm going to be sharing all of it with you. 
But... If you aren't ready to be coached, then I am sorry I can't work with you. 
You will also need to have some experience as a trader whether that is part time or full time but your goal should be to become a full-time day trader in the Forex market.
One-on-One Coaching Criteria

Before I get to the details...
I would like to explain who should apply for membership in this program with me.

First I'm looking for "like-minded" Forex traders who day trade.

I want to work with people who LOVE trading like I do.

I want to work with people who don't complain if they experience setbacks and are committed to their decision.

Most important of all...

I want to work with people who are positive and patient and see the potential of working one on one with a professional trader/coach.

They say that your income will be the average of your 5 closest friends income, and I believe that.... don't you?

One of the FASTEST ways to increase your trading profits is NOT always learning a new trading strategy... Often it's doing a better job of picking those you surround yourself with.

Thoughts and ideas are contagious and if you're spending your free time on Facebook Forex groups or Unqualified Trading Chat Rooms that haven't worked for you with other "broke traders"...

Not only with your trading abilities drop... so will the income profits you earn

It's a proven fact.

Change the people around you
and Change Your Future.
If THIS is You Then You've come to the right place. There's nothing left to do but apply.

         ** Please understand that applying to this coaching class program, it isn't your typical trading course. This is a commitment to yourself and your future with me by your side. I have been successfully coaching Forex traders (my first student was in 2005) and I realized early on, that I not only had to have a winning trading system to share but I had to learn how to become a good coach too. This was a new part of trading that I surprisingly enjoyed as much as trading. I have dedicated the past few years to not only being a successful trader but a successful coach and I stand by my reputation. You will get my very best!


Who I Won't Work With...

Before you go any further, I want you to know a few things that I consider when taking on a new coaching student.

First, if you think this course is about downloading some videos and trading manual pdf's and then studying that and that's what you want then this course isn't for you. This one-on-one coaching course is about you trading with me everyday earning the same pips I do each day and we continue this until you are 100 percent satisfied with your trading abilities so you can "do it on your own".

And when that day does come... you and I will remain trading partners for life. 

With each of my coaching students, I build a lifetime relationship and this means I will always be in contact with you and our chemistry and personalities must match. This is a business relationship to take your trading account and profits to a level that very few will get the opportunity to experience.

Second, if you can't take personal responsibility for your actions and behavior, then this course isn't for you.
I am looking for my next trading/ business partner and Forex friend.

It's important before you apply to know a little about what will happen "behind the scenes" so you will be prepared.

You have to be totally prepared to open yourself to this coaching. This isn't like other typical coaching sites that take your money and then email you some videos and manuals.
This coaching class is a true experience were you and I will dive deep into the good and bad of your current trading abilities. I will be constantly accessing your progress and make adjustments to get you the results you want.
The end result of this coaching is a brand new you.. one that will attain the ability to achieve long term success, the ability to self-correct and stay on track and a new identity of you as a successful trader.

First Thing to Remember

Coaching is done entirely with me and no one else. I am an experienced coach with over 14 years working with individual traders.

The coaching you will receive is an in-depth, constant diagnosis with me by your side every trading day.

Your coaching sessions are live with me each week in a group coaching setting.

You will have access to all proprietary trading systems and trading tools that I use every day.

We complete a weekly assessment of your progress and make corrections immediately.

We will create a complete "bulletproof" trading plan and a business plan to grow your trading business so it continues even after you retire.

You will receive professional guidance and accountability.
So... after everything I've told you, if you are interested in joining my One-on-One Forex Coaching,
here's what to do next:
Click on any of the "Click to Apply for Coaching NOW" buttons.
to apply! 

Once I recieve your application I will review it and if I can determine that my coaching would really help you, I will send you an email so that you and I can schedule a time for us to talk on the phone or on Skype.

During the phone call I will ask you more questions to ensure that my coaching is what you really need and during that call you can interview me too! This way you can determine that I am the right guy that can get you the results you are looking for.
I mention on this page that I will help you earn $5,000, $10,000 or more per month. You can only earn profits like that if you are trading standard lots. You should only be trading standard lots if you have sufficient capital and you understand the impact of trading with appropriate leverage. 
If you can't trade standard lots, that's okay... I will help you get there... and in that case I will help you earn 500 pips, 1,000 pips or more per month (we can only earn pips like this when the market is providing the opportunities!
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